To be the Association of choice for Apparel Exporters & Manufacturers


To provide end to end services to members


The objectives of AEMA are as follows:-

a ) To identify & strengthen garment export & manufacturing industry’s rolein the economic development of the country.

b ) as a catalyst in bringing about growth and development ofIndian garment export & manufacturing Industry.

c ) To reinforce garment export & manufacturing Industry’s commitment tosociety.

d ) To work towards globalisation of Indian garment export & manufacturing Industry and its integration with the world economy.

e ) To provide up-to-date information and data to garment export & manufacturing industry and government.

f ) To create awareness and support garment export & manufacturingindustry efforts on quality, environment and consumer protection.

g ) To identify and address special needs of the small scale sector.

h ) To promote cooperation with counterpart organisations across the world.

i ) To provide advisory services to industry in specific areas such as TQM, TPM, Technology, Energy management, Environmentmanagement, Total cost Management, Corporate governance, WTO issues, etc.


The principles adopted by AEMA are:-

a ) Professionalism in presentations and studies using a strong research base.

b ) A partnership approach to working with Government and its variousagencies.

c ) Servicing of the small, medium and large sectors of garment export & manufacturing Industry on a balanced basis.

d ) A philosophy in favor of deregulation, decontrol and de-licensing in areas of the Economy and Industry.

e ) High priority to activities designed to bring about improvement inthe performance of Industry such as Competitiveness, Infrastructure, R&D,Export, Technology Transfer and Human Resources Development.

f ) Working through a consensus approach and extensive consultations in deciding Industry and organisational policies.

g ) Establishing a network at the National, Regional, State and Zonallevels with a view to provide services at the grass root level.

h ) Continuity of policies by involvement of Past Presidents in the organisation’s activities.

i ) Building a strong financial base in order to ensure freedom ofthought and action.

j ) Developing an international profile through international cooperation.

k ) Proactive and innovative approach in all facets of its activities.

l ) Promoting ethical practices in the Industry.

m ) Building a strong, professional Secretariat and administration.