Since the year 1981, when the body was registered as a Society, the garment export increased by leaps and bounds, thus giving chance for the new entrepreneurs to show their capabilities of managing the export business starting from unknown situation to a highly sophisticated business management system. In the process of new entrepreneurs coming into the main stream, AEMA’s Executive Secretary Late Mr. Shanker Majumdar, guided by the Executive Members, played a very important and guiding role, in the formulation of new policies, as a result of which exports of the country reached new heights.

AEMA since then has been a very important part of the decision making by the Government. While taking part in the evolution of new ideas for the management of this business at National level, members of AEMA have been individually excelling in their efforts of reaching newer heights.

AEMA has been the initiator of holding exhibitions both for Domestic and International buyers from the very beginning, when the trend of holding exhibitions started in the country.

AEMA has been the harbinger of change whether it was the start of NIFT or various training institutes for manpower for the industry which changed for ever the way the clothes are worn not only in Europe but in India also.

With the New Team of having been formed, active office bearers with full support of Executive Committee members of AEMA are planning many new initiatives be it the formation of new clusters or strengthening of the old clusters, undertaking study of changes required in the existing laws which affect our businesses, studying new markets, forging alliances with various trade bodies with a view to surpass in efficiency of all the other countries of the World.

Join AEMA and become part of progress of Garment Industry.